Why I’m the best Sellers agent for you

  • Know your home price:  This is the most important thing to know when you are selling your home.  If the price is too high the home will stay on the market too long and you may become frustrated.  Then if the price is too low you will likely never know but your home will sell quickly.  I look at the market daily to review changes to be ahead of any changes in trends.  In the end having good data on your home price will allow you to negotiate from a position of strength and get the best return several percent higher than competing homes.
  • Marketing:  When it comes to marketing no two homes are alike in the Texas Hill Country and so no two marketing plans should be exactly alike.  I am a strong proponent of creating a story for your home that we share with potential buyers highlighting the lifestyle and many great features of your home.  I use technology abundantly 3-D tours, videos, photos, and am always looking for a new way to use technology to highlight the value of your home.
  • Dynamically adjust – The housing market is very dynamic and adjusting to the sways and trends I track everyday allow me to recommend times when we should adjust your price upwards.  Most agents only push the price downwards, but when you have good data and know the market, I can recommend price increases when the market trends in a favorable way to your home.
  • Works everyday to sell your home – I am your agent start to finish.  I want to be with you for the entire process, available to answer your questions and join you on your journey to your next home or property.  I work hard to make sure everything is done to sell your home and constantly looking for feedback to make sure the maximum value of your home is displayed to potential buyers.

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